Compassion Party


Here is how the Compassion Party stands on many key issues:


Gun Control: We recognize that under the Constitution, every individual has the right to bear arms.  However, we fully encourage stronger restrictions and safety precautions.  Guns do not guarantee security, instead they promote violence and make harming others easier.

Drugs: With the many and drastic effects of drugs, we believe in stronger drug restrictions, and in many cases, banned.  Drugs that cause the most harm to individuals should be restricted the most and face the harshest penalties.

Environment:  We are in complete support of protecting the environment.  Nature is we value, because the earth isn't ours; we are the earth's. 


Foreign Policy: The Compassion Party believes in a strong international community and supports the United Nations.  We also support generous foreign aid to those who need the funds more than we do.

War and Peace: We believe, in all circumstances, in preserving peace between all peoples.  War should be avoided at all costs because of the horrific tolls it has on society.

Nuclear Proliferation: There are far too many nuclear weapons in the world today.  We believe in reducing the amounts of nuclear warheads as much as world leaders will allow, with a goal of a nuke-free society.


Same-Sex Marriage:  We believe that every individual, regardless of who they love, should have all the same rights of every other individual.  We support repealing DOMA and a federal law allowing same-sex marriage.

Equality: We believe that all individuals should have the same opportunity as all others, regardless of gender, race, age, religious values, financial status, location, or other means.

Death Penalty: The Compassion Party stands in firm opposition to capital punishment.  We believe that every individual has the right to life, and that under no circumstance does the government have the right to take that away. 


Welfare: The Compassion Party strongly supports helping those who need help in any way possible. Welfare is also often misunderstood, and we wish to also promote understanding of why welfare is imporant to society.

Immigration: Currently, immigration to the United States is a difficult thing to do.  We wish to ease the process of prospective immigrants who wish to come to America and improve our society.

Government:  Our attitude on government is that it should operate to the means of which its people decide it to be.  Government is usually the most capable means of improving society, and should be supported for that cause.