Compassion Party

The Compassion Party.

Welcome to the home of the Compassion Party.  We are a political and social movement designed to promote a more compassionate and considerate society.  To find out more about our beliefs, please head to Our Beliefs.

What's New?

Currently, the Compassion Party is working on widening our base.  We just want to get our name out there, you know? Yeah, totally.  So while our friends spread the word of compassion on social media, we'll work to upgrade and improve our website and solidify or base for you. 

We'll have plenty more shortly!  Feel free to look around, show us to your friends, or contact us with ideas.  Thank you!

Get Involved

Visit the Be Compassionate page to get involved!

Meet Us

Just who are the Compassioneers behind the movement?  Check out the Who We Are page to find out.

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